Wooden wall cladding

What is wooden wall cladding?

Wooden cladding, slat or wall paneling, whatever you call it, these are logs cut on four sides and used for:

Building structures: as supportive or bearing parts such as beams, pillars, columns, crosspieces, etc.

Interior/exterior details: for instance, a wall adorned with wooden wall cladding evokes a sense of coziness, luxury, and elegance.

Our produced wooden wall cladding is long-lasting, easy to install, and available in various colors, making them a perfect accent in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or any other home space.

Our burnt wooden wall cladding colors

A vast selection of burnt wood wall cladding shades, from the allure of deep ebony to the shimmer of pure white. Discover your favorite shade and give your home a distinctive style.

Are wooden wall claddings just a passing trend?

Currently, walls adorned with slats or wall paneling are often associated with modern and contemporary designs. But as with all eras, certain compositions, patterns, or layouts go out of fashion. Remember how parquet patterns on walls were popular back in the day? It doesn’t look so modern now, does it?

Even though fashions and styles change, wood remains a fundamental material and will almost always be used in interiors. At one time, one shade will be more popular; at another time, a different one will be. Wood means warmth. Wood means coziness. Just take one step ahead and choose not just any cladding, but charred wood, thereby giving your home unique and unprecedented accents.

Wooden cladding maintenance.

Some say that wooden wall cladding in the interior is impractical because of dust. However, they are mistaken, as dust on vertical surfaces is not as noticeable as on horizontal ones. After all, you don’t see dust on your home’s walls, but you do see it on shelves, tables, etc. It’s the same with cladding. If its arrangement is vertical, you won’t have issues with dust (unless there are small gaps that make the bottom hard to reach). Aside from dusting, charred wood cladding in the interior requires no maintenance, allowing you to enjoy it as long as you wish.


  • Simple installation (adhesive);
  • Modern design, charred on all sides;
  • Improved interior acoustics;
  • Easy to customize by trimming the cladding as needed;
  • Distinctive beauty of wood grain, texture, and warmth.


  • Wooden wall cladding (cladding dots) are glued directly to the wall (without drilling)
  • Prime the wall and paint it in the desired color.
  • Apply mounting adhesive to the cladding (or use TESA® 4957 mounting tape).
  • Stick the wooden wall cladding to the wall and check its vertical alignment with a spirit level.
  • When gluing the next piece, insert spacers * between the claddings at the top and bottom.
  • Continue to glue the claddings, moving the distances between the other profiles.
  • Remove the spacers and you’re done!


Price for charred wood paneling per linear meter ranges from 2.90 euros + VAT to 15.00 euros + VAT (depending on dimensions, type of wood, order quantity, and chosen shade). We work with both private individuals and large projects. We provide consultation, supply materials, and offer guarantees. Contact us.


Our company specializes in the production of burnt wood products for interior and exterior designs, such as facades, fences, and terraces. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in this field, and we are committed to delivering high-quality outcomes to our clients. We use only PREMIUM class materials for all of our products to ensure durability and longevity.

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