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Burnt wood decks

One of our main activities is the production of burnt wood for terraces. We have accumulated extensive experience, meticulously processing each wood board down to the smallest detail. To achieve the highest quality terrace boards, we employ the latest technology and the centuries-old Japanese burning technique called ‘SHOU SUGI BAN.’ In recent times, it has become increasingly popular worldwide among people seeking unconventional, eco-friendly, and natural products for their homes. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting, eco-friendly, natural, and low-maintenance solution for your terrace – our products are just right for you.

What is the 'SHOU SUGI BAN' technology?

In short, it is a traditional Japanese wood burning technique. In Japan, it is also known as “Yakisugi.” The wood is initially heated with fire at a specific temperature, then allowed to cool, and the charred layer is brushed off with special brushes. Finally, the surface is coated with natural oils, giving it the desired shade of your choice.

The origin of "SHOU SUGI BAN" or "Yakisugi.

Even if you haven’t heard these words before, chances are you have seen photos featuring “Yakisugi” cladding. This wood treatment process is known as “SHOU SUGI BAN” in the Western world. The name came about due to a misinterpretation of the Japanese term, resulting in the use of these two different names. Essentially, they refer to the same technique, which translates from Japanese as “burnt cedar.

Traditionally, cedar was used in the East, but with the advancement of technology, other wood species can now be utilized. In our markets, the most popular choices are cedar, spruce, and pine.

This ingenious technology dates back centuries, believed to have emerged around the 18th century. The technique creates a charred appearance, highlighting the natural wood grain, while the intensity and texture of the surface can be adjusted by selecting different types of wood or levels of charring.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the burning process actually makes the wood stronger and more durable. In Japan, this technology was used even before the application of paint or oil protection for wood cladding.

Advantages of burnt wood terrace:

  • Fire Resistance: Charred wood is more difficult to ignite compared to regular boards, making it a safer option.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The look of the decking boards transforms; they take on a darker hue, the natural patterns are emphasized, lending a robust and luxurious appearance.
  • Eazy Maintenance: Charred wood cladding or deck boards used in exteriors require no annual upkeep. After 6-8 years, it is recommended to rejuvenate them with a single layer of oil.
  • Pest Protection: The charring process eliminates harmful organisms present in the wood, such as fungi and insects. Additionally, the wood’s sugars are completely burned off, making the timber unappetizing to parasites.
  • Durability: The boards become more robust and sturdy, resistant to weather conditions, moisture, UV rays, mold, and fungus, hence they last longer.

How is the wood charred for deck boards?

  1. In our factory, we have top-quality, fully dried Scandinavian spruce, pine, or cedar wood.
  2. We charr boards of the necessary size using specialized equipment at high temperatures. This step endows the wood with a deep hue and accentuates its texture.
  3. Once the wood has cooled down, we use special brushes to remove the charred layer from the boards. At this stage, the wood acquires a distinctive grain
  4. We meticulously clean off all impurities.
  5. The final step is the application of natural oils and staining in the color of your choice.

Is it worth choosing burnt wood boards for decking?

A terrace is a place where we want to spend as much time as possible, to rest from daily worries, to relax. And for us to be able to relax, the terrace should serve us, not the other way around.

By choosing burnt boards for your terrace, you can be assured that the wood will be more durable, stronger, and will withstand various weather conditions. No termites or other insects will dwell beneath your feet. The deck boards will retain their vivid, rich colors and distinctive grain for many years, requiring almost no maintenance.

Burnt wood terrace maintenance

If you choose our charred wood for your terrace, then we have good news for you. Terrace maintenance will be exceptionally simple. You can easily wash the boards with water without fear of damaging them. Only after more than 6 years will you need to start thinking about reapplying a single layer of oil to the wood.

Terraces that face the east/south will not require maintenance for 6-8 years, while those on the western/northern side can go for even 10-12 years. After this period, a reapplication of a single oil layer is necessary. If all instructions are followed, the product can serve for up to 80 years.

Decking board pricing and production lead times

The price for 1m² of burnt decking boards: spruce or pine ranges from 22€ (+VAT) to 32€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 40€ (+VAT) to 44€ (+VAT).

The price varies depending on the order quantity, wood dimensions, and chosen shade. The production lead time depends on the scope of work, but it’s recommended to anticipate at least two to three weeks for production. For specific details, please contact us by phone or email.

Where else can burnt wood be used?

Burnt wood is suitable not only for decking; it can be used almost anywhere. Our clients most often purchase this wood for their facades, fences, and various interior details, such as furniture. Wooden wall cladding / slats are also currently very popular. The charred wood colors we offer will satisfy every client’s taste, making it easy to find a color that complements your home and its surroundings.

If you’re interested in our products, you can choose from the provided burnt wood colors below and contact us to place an order.


From the deep allure of ebony to the pure shine of white – we currently offer more than 14 different shades of charred wood. If you wish to see samples of the burnt wood in person, we can deliver them to you

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