Burnt wood for interior

Burnt wood in interior

We spend a significant part of our lives at home, and home is the center of our life, a haven, and a sanctuary of tranquility. We want to feel comfortable in them and set them up the way we have dreamed of since childhood. Neutral, cool-colored interiors have always been in vogue, and when paired with wood, they can add a sense of coziness and luxury.

One of our main activities is the production of burnt wood for interiors. We have accumulated vast experience, meticulously processing each wood detail down to the smallest nuance. To achieve the highest quality cladding, we utilize the latest technology and a centuries-old Japanese charring technique called “SHOU SUGI BAN”. Recently, it has become extremely popular worldwide among people looking for unconventional, eco-friendly, and natural products. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting, eco-friendly, natural, and low-maintenance solution for your home details – our products are just for you

What is the 'SHOU SUGI BAN' technology?

In short, this is a traditional Japanese wood charring technology, also known as Yakisugi in Japan. Initially, the wood is heated with fire at a certain temperature, then it is allowed to cool and the charred layer is removed with special brushes, and finally, the surface is coated with natural oils and given the shade of your choice

Some of our most popular products for interior decoration are wooden wall cladding. They are commonly used to adorn home walls.

The strips we produce are long-lasting, easy to install, and come in various shades, making them an excellent accent in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or deck.

Wooden wall cladding price and production terms

The price for 1 running meter of wooden wall cladding: spruce or pine ranges from 2.90€ (+VAT) to 9.40€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 6€ (+VAT) to 15.00€ (+VAT).

The price varies depending on order quantity, wood dimensions, and the chosen shade. Production lead time depends on the work volume, but one should expect at least a two to three-week production duration. For precise details, please contact us by phone or email.

Is burnt wood in interior better than regular wood?

Regular wooden details in the interior are often covered with varnish or paint, whereas charred wood is only coated with eco-friendly and natural oil after processing, which is harmless to your health. In addition to this important aspect, it also acquires the following properties:

  • Fire resistance. Charred wood is harder to ignite than regular boards, making it safer.
  • Aesthetics. The appearance changes; the wood darkens, the grain becomes more prominent, and overall, it looks more solid and luxurious.
  • Eazy maintenance. Charred wood boards do not require regular painting or varnishing, thus they demand minimal upkeep.
  • Pest resistance. The charring process eradicates harmful organisms in the wood, such as fungi and insects. Furthermore, all sugars in the wood completely burn out, making the wood “unpalatable” to parasites.
  • Longevity. The planks become more durable, stronger, resistant to weather conditions, moisture, UV rays, mold and fungus, so they last longer.

What is the preparation process for wood intended for interior use?

  1. In our factory, we have top-quality, Scandinavian, fully dried spruce, pine, or larch wood.
  2. We char the boards of the required size at a high temperature, in special machines. This step gives the wood a rich color and highlights the texture.
  3. Once the wood has cooled, we remove the charred layer from the boards using special brushes. At this stage, the wood acquires a unique grain pattern.
  4. Then, we meticulously remove all impurities.
  5. The final step involves applying natural oils and tinting the wood to your chosen shade.

Should you choose burnt wood for interior decoration?

If answering briefly, it’s a matter of taste. Not everyone wants to see wood details in their interior, but if you are someone who associates wood with coziness, naturalness, and enjoys its beauty – then, of course, it’s worth it.

You already know the advantages of charred wood over wood prepared in other ways. It is simply a healthier and more long-lasting alternative, and the price difference is not significant. Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing burnt wood details to decorate your interior.

Where can charred wood be used in the interior?

There are indeed many ways to use it. Some prefer to clad a chosen wall or part of it at home with strips/blocks. Others order custom-made pots for growing various plants. We have clients who, using our products, create both soft and hard furniture, e.g., sofas, tables, benches, etc. Unleash your imagination to decorate or even furnish your home with our products. We accept custom and unique orders, so charred wood can be applied everywhere.

Where else can charred wood be used?

Burnt wood is not just suitable for interior decoration. Most of our customers buy this kind of wood for their facades, terraces, and fences. Our range of charred wood colors will satisfy every customer’s taste, so you can easily find a shade that matches your house or its surroundings.

If you’re interested in our products, you can choose from the burnt wood colors listed below and contact us to place an order.


From the deep allure of ebony to the pure shine of white – we currently offer more than 14 different shades of charred wood. If you wish to see samples of the burnt wood in person, we can deliver them to you

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Discounts are applied to the pine assortment! Take advantage of this temporary offer and get wood for up to 24% cheaper! We will send the special price list by email.

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