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Charred wood

Charred wood - Reburnent Pro

We are wood suppliers and specialize in the field of charred wood. We have accumulated vast experience and offer our clients the highest quality, long-lasting products that stand out with the natural beauty of wood.

Our charred wood is used in various areas, including home facades, terraces, fences, and various interior details. Also, wooden cladding are currently very popular for the decoration of both interior and exterior home walls.

Most popular shades of charred wood

Using the ‘SHOU SUGI BAN’ burning technique, we create wood products that become long-lasting and resistant to environmental factors. Currently, we can offer more than 14 different shades of charred wood that highlight the grain and unique texture of the products, making it easy for you to find your favorite shade. You can find all the shades here.

What's unique about charred wood?

Charred wood, also known as “SHOU SUGI BAN” or “Yakisugi”, is a wood processing technique where boards are burnt with fire. After cooling, the surface is brushed off to remove impurities and then finally treated with natural oils. This process gives the wood a unique shade, accentuates its texture, increases its resistance to pests, fire, and prolongs the wood’s service life.

Due to its distinctive appearance and durability, charred wood has become popular worldwide and is used in various interior and exterior home decor details.

How is the wood burning process conducted?

  1. In our workshops, we have the highest quality Scandinavian fully dried spruce, pine, and larch wood.
  2. We char the boards of the required size at high temperatures in special machines. This step gives the wood a rich shade and accentuates its texture.
  3. Once the wood has cooled down, we brush off the charred layer from the boards with special brushes. At this stage, the wood acquires a distinctive grain.
  4. We carefully clean all impurities.
  5. The final step is coating with natural oils and staining in your chosen shade.

Application of charred wood in your designs

Charred wood is extremely versatile, which is why it can be used in various projects. We have clients who order charred wood for their gazebos, saunas, outdoor flower pots, and other decorative elements. However, the primary uses of charred wood are as follows:

The home’s facade is its defining signature. When considering a home’s exterior, appearance, longevity, and upkeep stand out as paramount. Charred wood perfectly embodies these essential aspects. Notably durable and exceptionally weather-resistant, charred wood emerges as the top choice for those desiring a long-lasting, reliable, and uniquely distinctive solution.

By choosing charred boards for your deck, you can be sure that the wood will be more durable, stronger, and withstand various weather conditions. No termites or other insects will crawl under your feet. The decking will maintain its vivid, rich color and distinctive grain for many years and will require almost no maintenance.

A fence is the boundary between your home and the outside world, separating your personal life from prying eyes. It protects your property, and for added peace of mind, it’s essential that the fence is of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and serves for many years.

Choose interior solutions for your home that are truly distinctive. The unique grain and standout texture of charred wood will transform your furniture, walls, or other decor elements into a one-of-a-kind, cozy, and stylish living space.

Advantages of charred wood

With specialized techniques and years of experience in processing wood products, we give our products extended durability and higher standards. Thus, we can guarantee that the wood will have these advantages compared to regular wood:


Charred wood is less flammable, making it a significantly safer alternative to regular siding


The appearance of burnt wood changes; it darkens, its grain becomes more pronounced, and it looks luxurious


Charred wood siding doesn’t require regular painting or varnishing, so it doesn’t need much maintenance


The burning process destroys harmful organisms in the wood, making it unappealing to parasites


Burnt wood becomes resistant to moisture, UV rays, mold, and fungus, therefore it lasts longer


Charred wood is only coated with an eco-friendly and natural oil that is not harmful to your health

Charred wood maintenance

The most crucial qualities that attract and retain our clients are the longevity and care of the wood.

If you choose charred wood for, say, the facade of a house that faces the east/south side, no maintenance is required for 6-8 years, and on the west/north side, it’s up to 10-12 years. After that, a single layer of oil reapplication is needed. When all guidelines are followed, the product can last up to 80 years.

It’s important to note that the durability of charred wood can vary based on the type of wood used, where the products are used, and climatic conditions. Our experts are always ready to advise and assist, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Charred wood pricing and production time

The price for 1m² of charred facade boards: spruce or pine ranges from 17.50€ (+VAT) to 26€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 28€ (+VAT) to 44.50€ (+VAT).

The price for 1m² of charred decking boards: spruce or pine ranges from 22€ (+VAT) to 32€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 40€ (+VAT) to 44€ (+VAT).

The price for 1 running meter of charred cladding: spruce or pine ranges from 2.90€ (+VAT) to 9.40€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 6€ (+VAT) to 15.00€ (+VAT).

The price varies depending on the order quantity, wood dimensions, and chosen shade. As for the production lead time, it depends on the volume of work, but one should anticipate at least two to three weeks for production. For an exact answer, please contact us by phone or email.


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