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Burnt wood fence

Burnt wood fences

One of our main activities is the production of burnt wood for fences. We have amassed extensive experience, carefully processing each piece of wood down to the smallest detail. To achieve the highest quality fence boards, we use the latest technology and a centuries-old Japanese burning technique called “SHOU SUGI BAN”. Recently, it has gained considerable popularity worldwide among people looking for unconventional, eco-friendly, and natural products. So, if you are looking for a durable, eco-friendly, natural solution that requires little maintenance for your fence – our products are just for you.

What is the 'SHOU SUGI BAN' technology?

In short, it’s a traditional Japanese wood burning technology, also known as Yakisugi. Initially, the wood is heated at a specific temperature, then it’s left to cool down, after which the charred layer is brushed off with special brushes. Finally, the surface is coated with a natural oil and given your chosen shade.

The Origin of "SHOU SUGI BAN" or "Yakisugi"

Even if you have never heard these words, chances are you have already seen pictures of “Yakisugi” planks. This wood-burning process is known as “SHOU SUGI BAN” in the Western world. The name arose from a misinterpretation of the Japanese term, which is why you might encounter these two different terms in various sources, although they essentially mean the same thing when translated from Japanese – “burnt cedar”.

Traditionally, cedar was used in the East, but today, as technology has advanced, other types of trees can also be used. In our markets, the most popular are spruce, pine, and mahogany.

This ingenious technology dates back centuries. It is believed to have originated around the 18th century. This technique creates a charred appearance, highlights the natural grain of the wood, and the brightness and texture of the surface can be adjusted by choosing different types of wood or levels of charring.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the burning process actually makes the wood stronger and more durable. In Japan, this technology was used even before the application of paint or oil protection for wood.

Advantages of burnt wood fence

  • Fire resistance. Charred wood is more difficult to ignite, making it safer.
  • Aesthetics. The appearance of charred wood changes; it becomes darker, its texture is highlighted, and it also looks more solid and luxurious.
  • Eazy maintenance. Burnt wood boards used outdoors do not require annual maintenance. After 6-8 years, it is recommended to renew them with a layer of oil.
  • Protection from pests. The burning process destroys harmful organisms in the wood, such as fungi and insects. Also, all the sugars in the wood are completely burned out, making the wood “unpalatable” to parasites.
  • Longevity. The planks become more durable, stronger, resistant to weather conditions, moisture, UV rays, mold and fungus, so they last longer.

How is the wood prepared for fence boards?

  1. In our factory, we have the highest quality Scandinavian, fully dried spruce, pine, or larch wood.
  2. We burn boards of the required size at high temperatures, in special machines. This step gives the wood a rich hue and enhances its texture.
  3. Once the wood has cooled, we use special brushes to remove the charred layer from the boards. At this stage, the wood acquires a distinctive pattern.
  4. We meticulously remove all impurities.
  5. The final step is oiling with natural oils and staining in your chosen shade.

Is it worth choosing charred wood planks for a fence?

A fence is the boundary between your home and the outside world, separating your personal life from prying eyes. It also serves as protection for your property, and to ensure that this protection feels even better, the fence must be of high quality, beautiful, and serve for many years.

Choosing our burnt planks for your fence, you can be sure that the wood will be more durable, stronger, and withstand various weather conditions. No termites or other insects will settle in the planks. The fence planks will look bright, rich in color, have a distinctive texture, and require almost no maintenance for many years.

Maintenance of burnt wood fences

If you choose our burnt wood for your fence, then we have good news for you. The maintenance of the fence will be especially simple. You will be able to simply wash the planks with water without fear of damaging them. Only after more than 6 years will you need to start thinking about re-oiling the wood with one layer of oil.

Fence planks will require no additional attention for even 10-15 years. After that, a single layer of oil reapplication is needed. Following all the guidelines, the product can serve up to 80 years.

Fence board pricing and production lead time

The price for 1m² of charred wood fence boards: spruce or pine ranges from 20€ (+VAT) to 30€ (+VAT). Larch ranges from 40€ (+VAT) to 44.50€ (+VAT).

The price varies depending on the order quantity, wood dimensions, and chosen color. Production lead time is based on the volume of work, but planning for at least two to three weeks for production is advisable. For precise details, please contact us by phone or email.

Where else can burnt wood be used?

Charred wood is not only suitable for fences, it can be used practically anywhere. Our clients most often buy such wood for their facades, terraces, and various interior details, such as furniture. The colors of charred wood we offer will satisfy every client’s taste, so you will easily find the shade that fits your home or its surrounding environment.

If you’re interested in our products, you can choose from the burnt wood colors provided below and contact us to place an order.


From the deep allure of ebony to the pure shine of white – we currently offer more than 14 different shades of charred wood. If you wish to see samples of the burnt wood in person, we can deliver them to you.

Special offer

Discounts are applied to the pine assortment! Take advantage of this temporary offer and get wood for up to 24% cheaper! We will send the special price list by email.

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